Ongerup Football Association

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An unofficial season operated in 1962 when Hassell and Ongerup played eachother on two occasions.

The Ongerup Football Association was officially launched in 1963 with four clubs (Borden, Hassell, Ongerup and Pingrup) when all Association sport was played around the OFA at the same venue on Saturdays from the beginning.

Hassell was a combination of Jerramungup and Boxwood Hill.

Club symbols and colours were…
Borden (Black & white)
Hassell (Green & gold)
Ongerup (Blue & gold)
Pingrup (Red, white & black)

The inaugural clubs remained the same until the 1968 season when Boxwood Hill went solo as the ‘Bombers’, wearing in white and red colours, and Jerramungup continued, at the time, in green and gold.

Kent District, based in Nyabing, joined the OFA in 1972 donning green and gold colours but, mid-season, changed to brown and gold and became the ‘Hawks’.

Newdegate was next to join the Association when the ‘Lions’ entered in 1983 wearing maroon and gold.

That same season saw the introduction of final venues being rotated annually around each club.


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