Broadcast Support


Using TuneIn Radio

To use on PC or MAC go to My Retro Media TuneIn Radio.
For mobile phones or tablets, get the TuneIn app at Google Play for Andriod devices or the Apple Store for Apple devices

Using a Player

The live audio-stream can be listened to using a player such as VLC Player (Windows or Mac) or MPC-HC (Windows only) and applicable app’s on your phone or tablet using the following URL (Uniform Resource Locator) “” (Do not include the quotation marks)

Gary with mic (Flipped) - 416x522

Streaming Help

If you are unable to listen or wish to leave other comments, please do so via Facebook or My Retro Media contact page.

If your listening device doesn’t receive the broadcast, I will endeavour to find out why. Please advise me of any of the following to which you are aware:

  1. Device you are using
  2. Operating system & version
  3. Name of browser or app